Quote(s) of the Day

Quote of the Day… (27)

”Plans are worthless, but planning is everything”

The great paradox really…

Quote of the Day… (26)

“Often a weakness is really an overused strength”


Saw this a few days ago and it’s sort of stuck in my mind. Granted, sometimes a weakness is genuinely a weakness but this perspective has more than a grain of truth in it I think.

Quote of the Day… (23)

”Algorithms are opinions embedded in code”


Saw this a couple of months ago and since my work with data is increasingly turning towards managing and governing data for Advanced Analytics, this is actually becoming something of a cornerstone of my communications. Some people understand the implications, but others clearly haven’t grasped it yet. Oh well, then I guess there is something to work on in 2019 as well – happy new year! 🙂

Quote of the Day… (18)

“Do you want to be better than everyone else at doing something – or do you want to do something that no one else can?”

Based on a recent discussion about personal development and performance with a (former) co-worker, we ended up at this question. I guess everyone should ask themselves this from time to time when evaluating your career and future job opportunities, new projects etc.

Personally, I’m definitely aiming for the latter category but of course others will have to judge my success 😉