Quote(s) of the Day

Quote of the Day… (20)

”50% scope at 100% quality and 100% scope at 50% quality might have the same cost, but rarely the same value”

Not really a quote as such, more a conclusion on a discussion with a co-worker. Amazingly, not everyone gets this though…


Quote of the Day… (19)

”Beware of anyone who peddles simple solutions to complex problems”

Worth remembering, not only at work but also when reading the news or listening to people give advice on anything from diets to how to solve climate problems…

Quote of the Day… (18)

“Do you want to be better than everyone else at doing something – or do you want to do something that no one else can?”

Based on a recent discussion about personal development and performance with a (former) co-worker, we ended up at this question. I guess everyone should ask themselves this from time to time when evaluating your career and future job opportunities, new projects etc.

Personally, I’m definitely aiming for the latter category but of course others will have to judge my success 😉

Quote of the Day… (12)

“Just because it’s a good idea doesn’t mean anyone’s going to use it. And just because a lot of people use it doesn’t mean you are going to make any money off it”

As a corollary to a previous post about products when talking specifically about software products (and SW-based services).

Formulated after a recent discussion with a colleague about some potential app-ideas he was exploring 🙂