This blog could also just as well have been called “the accidental architect” because that is what I am. I don’t have a background in software engineering or software architecture, but mostly a combination of engineering, technology management and several areas of business-related topics. In fact my career to date is probably a textbook example of how a few seemingly innocuous tactical choices ends up transforming the strategic direction 😀

My software-related background started with SAP and the SAP ecosystem as an application consultant within the supply chain area, but has now moved to cover a broader scope. This means mostly solution architecture, information management and the occasional foray into strategy at different levels of the enterprise. Of course the underlying theme here is that the work I do supports a business (a very large international one in fact) and even from the very start I have looked upon what I do as “business development” with the IT and system-related part as just one of a collection of “levers” that can (and must!) be manipulated to get results.

Even if I didn’t already have this perspective, working in a large organisation my work would be nearly impossible without due concern for organisation, communication, change management, project management, people management and many other related topics. Fortunately, I embrace this diversity of tasks as it not only keeps my day interesting but also seems to suit my occasionally restless nature quite well…

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and please feel free to chime in with your own through the comments sections or by sending me a message (use the form on the “contact me” page).

All the best and thank you for reading!


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